Geesee CHAT  

Specklog provides two stages of developmental challenges for your specific needs while bring continuity and unity to the Body of Christ.
Stage One (also called Division One) consists of three levels to orientate and create the necessary balance to absorb and understand the entire Bible according to the principles and dynamics found within.
The three levels bring a person into harmony concerning the body, mind and spirit.

The process begins with building a disciplined stand alone mental file for the body by using the 49 body regions called
Imago Dei.
This practical and necessary foundation will be the anchor used for superimposing the second spiritual level of the 66 Bible books to produce an inspired and very successful memory merge.

The Second Level is quite accurately called Echad – One Flesh.
This astounding merge can be considered ‘putting on Christ’ as the Word or Bible has a reciprocating relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Last Level in Division one is called Echad – Merge because it brings an incredible number of tools, memory files and insights with practical hands on learning to bear on biblical comprehension and insight.

The second developmental stage consist of three more division which follow the four brain modes format used in many academic studies.

While the first edifying division can be considered the foundational base containing the instructions, the next step or Division Two is concerned with proper control and utilization of the hyperseeing art form for loving God and our fellow man.

Division Three requires creative ability to perform brain-storming and creation of new memory tools within house and outsourcing the intend goals of Specklog among qualifying members.
At this point, our special creative goal is to teach people to know Jesus Christ not just now but ever reaching for a deeper life long relationship by practical methods and correct spiritual attitude.
This achievement is most often based on the individual’s abilities and can be unlimited in scope.

The next to last Division – number Four is quite elite and strictly reserved to board invited team players who are slated for regional or even country managers.

Division Level Five has outstanding benefits and best described for now by a quote from Winston Churchill, "We make a living by what we get, But we make a life by what we give." The Specklog training program wants to serve not be served all to the glory of Jesus Christ.


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