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Specklog teaches anyone how to understand the reciprocal nature of Jesus Christ and the Word in today’s world thereby encouraging Bible reading.

We assist individuals to perceive the relevancy, intentions and benefits of daily walking with Jesus as the Bible teaches by integrating a personal relationship.

This is accomplished by building a memory file anchor using anatomy as a template.

The next step is to merge the Book of the Bible combined with the anatomy base forming a permanent bond.

This unique balanced combination the body/Word and Old/New Testament creates an indestructible foundation built upon the rock of Jesus Christ!

We desire to instill a life long learning memory tool for reading and incorporating the Bible in conjunction with the 28 fundament principals of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

In Echad, the anatomy/Bible creates an incredible inner spiritual man with special memory and mental function for each individual Bible book due to the parallel nature of Word and body. While the OT uses three colored word lists to flesh out the (old man) body, a single color list is used for the NT (new man). This action increases the value of the NT through the modified version of Mr. Williams’ Learn’em Quick memory design along with brain mode studies. Echad’s center focus quickly creates a powerful tool for greater spiritual awareness and personal growth, to circumvent many problems and highlighting Biblical truth.

Spiritually, this adaptation of the NT gives locomotion to the body and higher mental function to the brain. Symbolically similar to the pillars of Solomon porch: the right pillar establishing the OT, the left (NT pillar) strengthening the body. The Biblical principles encouraged by this merger creates a unique and powerful teaching tool — an inspired memory file.

Learn how to visualize your cross ‘in Christ’ as you learn to walk the spiritual journey by the law of liberty. You will begin to see yourself in a special light which accepts true spiritual growth in real love. Serious Christian disciples will seek this well-balanced proactive approach that absorbs the entire Bible. Take the narrow path and join the ranks.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Each Bible book is necessary to form a spiritually balanced interaction with God because the inner man is enriched through proper footing from both Testaments. Specklog creates a critical mental template for aligning the body, mind and spirit for the entire man.

This cornerstone training takes one day followed by two months of brief daily practice to enjoy a permanent, exciting and fun memory file glorifying Jesus Christ. The excitement builds as one’s personal three-dimensional Bible model enables greater ability to focus on important issues. Today we have a learning system in Specklog that merges necessary information rather than complicates our life's.

Have fun learning the Bible Books!

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